Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Okay change of tact - I'm resurrecting this blog as of now!

The Naga comps continue (albeit at a much slower rate) but I can't be arsed with the updates. From here on in it's gonna be about my record of the day. Might be old, might be new, probably be good though...

So here we go.

First up is the 'Margin Walker' ep by DC hardcore band Fugazi. All their records are aces but from the self titled opener to 'Promises' just six songs later this is intense, lean punk rock without the excess. You can't mess with Fugazi on any level - Ian MacKaye's record label Dischord operates way away from the bullshit music industry selling consistantly great records all at reasonable prices. Go see - Dischord

And while you're at it pick up Glen E Friedman's 'Fuck you heroes' - documenting the DC hardcore scene, the birth of hip hop in New York and the pioneering Z-Boy skaters in stunning photography.


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