Tuesday, January 11, 2005

First of the 2005

Having taken a lengthy Christmas break here is the first effort of the New Year carrying on with the slapdash style and still no beatmatching/scratching etc in sight.

Okay so we're up to number five and it's a fairly soild affair steering clear of some of the less obvious musical potholes I have been known to fall into - this effort is as near to pop whoredom as I get! My mind has been in a thousand different places of late so I was a bit fucked off with the way it was going during the recording but on playback it seems much better (except for dropping in Group Home too quick after All Natural).

Anyway enough talk...

Mr Naga Selection 04/1/05

Tortoise - It's all around you (Thrill Jockey)
Sixtoo - Chewing on glass/sidewinders (Ninja Tune)
Mogwai - Hunted by a freak [Boom Bip mix] (Matador)
Rotary Connection - Respect (Cadet)
Ramsey Lewis - Julia (Chess)
All Natural - 50 Years (Uppercut)
Group Home - Supa Star (Payday)
Vast Aire - Life's Ill Pt.II (The Empire Striketh) (Chocolate Industries)
TV On the Radio - King Eternal (Touch and Go)
Radiohead - Where I end and you begin (EMI)
Jim O'Rourke - Life goes off (Domino)
The Books - Motherless bastard (Tomlab)
The Notwist - Off the rails (Domino)
Kings of Convenience - Weight of my words [Four Tet] (Source)
Squarepusher - Iambic 9 Poetry (Warp)
Husker Du - Hardly getting over it (Warner)

And what follows is the obligatory track guide. First up are the wonderful Tortoise - I really haven't given the new lp enough listens yet but it seems to be on par with their usual output ie - excellent. That said they've never quite matched TNT for me - seeing them play some of that lp live was bordering on religious experience a couple of years back at a Thrill Jockey all dayer.

I don't know a great deal about Sixtoo but was wary of more dull trip hop when I bought the album cheap, however it does seem much better than that - he seems to sample more rock and psyche records than the usual funk stuff -again I need to give it more time... Following that is the Boom Bip remix of Mogwai's 'Hunted by a Freak' exclsuive to the Matador at 15 compilation (thanks mum!) - not always that fussed about remixes but Mogwai do tend to lend themselves to cinematic hip hop make-overs.

Rotary Connections 'Respect' is absolutely stunning and I'll fight any man, woman or child that says otherwise - words fail me now though - just listen - classic Charles Stepney production - incredible and one of those rare covers that's better than the original. Staying in the Chess/Cadet jazz/soul camp is the jazz pianist Ramsey Lewis and his cover of the Beatles 'Julia' - unrecognisable as far I'm concerned but a great track - perfect for sampling...

Which is exactly what All Natural did on 'Fifty Years' - to be honest this track sounds quite dated now - it was part of the late nineties indie hip hop explosion but it's still a great track and All Natural are one of the better acts to survive those days ( I hope!). Staying hip hop with Group Homes absolute banger 'Supa Star' produced by the mighty DJ Premier - as if it weren't good enough it features the word 'cunt' which is always a good thing as far as I'm concerned. Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox pops up next with a posse track off his disturbingly average solo lp - we expexted so much more off the back of 'Cold Vein' - C+ Could do much better! That said Madlib's fucked up production on this particular track is how-the-kids-say 'dope'.

TV on the Radio are an experimental art rock band from New York with a difference - they dont mind the occasional tune or melody which is a good thing. Folowing that is a Radiohead song taken from the 'Hail to the Theif' lp which I picked up cheap about a year after it's release - I'm so on the pulse! It's a wonderful lp incorporating the best elements of both Kid A and OK Computer - really loving it at the moment and I admire they're desire to stay off the beaten track and not repeat themselves adifinum... Possibly the greatest band of the last ten years.

Jim O'Rourke was gonna pop up sooner or later - he's my favourite artist and has been for some time - 'Life Goes Off' is ace. That is all. The Books are doing experimental sonic mash-ups that shouldn't work but just do - 'Motherless Bastard' has some lovely dialogue before it as well...

Squarepusher's 'Iambic 9 Poetry ' is everything that is good about Mr Jenkinson - lush melodies over incredible building live drums without the wanky stuff - he frustrates the shit outta me with his releases but he has an stunning best of lp in him - trouble is he'd never release the best of I want - maybe I'll have to do it myself...

I finish with Husker Du's 'Hardly Getting Over It' - if you don't wanna cry I recommend turning off after Squarepusher. Don't say I din't warn you.

Thanks people - anyone wants a copy get in touch!