Friday, March 11, 2005

The sevens

In an attempt to change the format for seventh addition of the Naga compilaton series I thought what better way to commemorate usch an occassion than by using seven inch singles only. The Yanks prefer the term 45's I think but ever since I were a young lad buying Paul Hardcastle singles I've known them as seven inches. Unfortunatley they're only seven inches I can really brag about... I digress.

All we hear is: Radio Naga 08/01/05

Aretha Franklin - The Weight (Atlantic) I dug this up in a flea market in Brighton - a cover of the Band's classic which is a classic in itself - this is Aretha's own funky take on the song. The only pisser being the vinyl skips towards the end of the track. Oh well - thems the breaks.
Commodores - I Feel Sanctified (Motown) This is so tight you'd be amazed Lionel 'Hello' Ritchie had anything to do with it but he did. Back when he had an afro the size of a space hopper he was releasing some great pop funk tracks like this and 'Machine Gun'. Worth a dig in your local charity shop...
Cymande - Bra (Alaska) I can remember the Scratch Perverts dropping this in a club probably about ten years ago or so and going mental - instant De La Soul sample recognition had me in a frenzy trying to find out what the song was - as per usual my mate Jason (the original Mr Naga - long embarrassing story not for these pages) knew what it was and had the lp at home. The drums that kick in after the breakdown are so tight I get a semi every time I hear this!
Breakestra - Getcha Soul Togetha pts I+II (Stones Throw) Modern funk stomper that I slept on till I saw the video and it all suddenly made much more sense.
Marvin Gaye - Got to give it up pts I+II (Motown) Also dug up in the same Brighton flea market as the Aretha 7" this is a Marvin slept on track. It's got a nice little groove to it and the ladies love Marvin innit.
Junior Murvin - Police and Thieves (Island) I haven't touched on reggae much in the series so far as I tend to listen to it more in the summer but this is a prized 7" of mine - not that hard to find but the song is superb. Lee 'Scratch' Perry on production and Junior Murvin's high pitched political insight do it for me everytime.
The Specials - Friday night Saturday morning (2 Tone) Terry Hall was doing this kind of stuff before Mike Skinner was born - 2 Tone's prodigal sons talking about yoof culture innit. And Suggs can go eat a dick.
Big Dada Sound - Showtime (Big Dada) Hip hop dancehall style posse cut featuring Big Dada's finest including Roots Manuva and Mike Ladd. The wobbly carnival sample combined with the low slung bass is just too sweet.
Prince Po ft. MF Doom - Social Distortion (Lex) A Dangermouse production with Doom stealing all the limelight as per usual - Prince Po does hold his own though just about...
LL Cool J - Going back to Cali (Def Jam) Ladies Love Cool J. Unfortunately he ain't so bothered about them these days judging by some of the rumours going aorund. No matter - the boys love him to (not like that mind) for his old school joints - the Rick Rubin production on this still sounds f-f-f-fresh now to these ears.
The Beat Conductor - Ashby Road (Stones Throw) A little Madlib instrumental - he shits these things out I swear.
Beck - Deadweight (Geffen) Exotica sampling oddball pop from Beck - the freaky fella can do nothing wrong as far as I'm concerned.
Badly Drawn Boy - Once around the block (Twisted Nerve/XL) One of my all time favourite songs ever. Honest. I hate all this gushing but I put these songs on these comps cos' I like 'em - its not brain surgery is it? His albums since seem a tad shit but I forgive him for this and 'The Shining'. In fact pretty much his whole first album...
Bloc Party - Little Thoughts (Wichita) I try not to get to caught up in the whole NME endorsed saviours of Rock n Roll but this is a very good indie song. The drumming specifically is mad tight. That is all.
Charlie Brown intermission
The Honeybus - Tender are the Ashes (Redemption) This frantic 60's pop is stolen straight out of my mum's collection - its fucking ace as well - and whats more I'm pretty sure no-one else in the world knows about it! Word to the mother.
Norman Greenbaum - Milk Cow (Reprise) The flipside to 'Spirit in the Sky' this time stolen from my Aunts vinyl treasure trove - it's an odd one I'll grant you but I like it...
Devendra Banhart - At the Hop (Younggod/XL) Freak beat San Fransisco's beardy oddball in rare tune shocker - only messing - I do struggle with his albums a lot of the time though but this is a veritable pop hit by comaprison.
Low - Dinosaur Act (Tugboat) Low rocking out in their own quiet way - again I can't always stomach Low despite everyone adoring them but this is slightly more upbeat (!) than most of their other releases.
Mogwai - Sweet Leaf (Fierce Panda) Mogwai cover Black Sabbath. Two for the price of one. It's very knock-about but it's pretty hard to come by. Don't say I don't do nuffink for you people.
Martin Denny - The Enchanted Sea (London) - Mmmm - some more dodgy exotica from my mum's collection - this was sampled by Bill Wells and Future Pilot a few years back and low and behold my mum had it all the time.
Herb Alpert and Tijuana Brass - Treasure of San Miguel (A+M) As sampled by Method Man on 'Bring the Pain' I was looking for this for some time on lp but found it on 7" first. Oooh those horns!

Want one? E-mail me at with you address. GO!


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