Wednesday, February 16, 2005

All we hear is: Radio Naga!

Okay, I'm playing catch up at the moment having been pretty busy the last few weeks - this is the second compilation of 2005. A hotch-potch mix of Funk, Rock, Psyhce, Folk, Indie, US Hardcore and Electronica. I like to think it's a refreshing change from the tired formula given the added geetar noise and lack of hip hop but all it means is the whole thing sounds even more messy!

Cheers to the Crane for the cheeky title suggestion...

All we hear is: Radio Naga (19/01/05)

Geoff Love - Six Million Dollar Man Theme (MFP)
George Garverentz - Hashisch Party (Emi)
Lalo Schiffrin - Another Victim (Aleph)
Harry Nilsson - Jump Into the Fire (RCA)
The Politcians - Psycha-Soula-Funkadelic (Invictus)
Baby Huey - Mighty Mighty (Curtom)
Big Jullien Allstars - Wake the Monster (Unknown)
Paul Parrish - English Sparrows (Music Factory)
Alfie - You make no bones (Twisted Nerve)
Polyphonic Spree - Hanging Around the Day (679 Good Records)
Preston School of Industry - The Idea of Fires (Domino)
Lambchop - Your Fucking Sunny Day (City Slang)
Beach Boys - Feel Flows (CBS)
Drive Like Jehu - Golden Brown (Cargo)
Black Eyes - Yes, I Confess (Dischord)
Jawbox - Breathe (City Slang)
Queens of the Stone Age - Regular John (Man's Ruin)
Mogwai - Tracy (Chemikal Underground)
Zouch - The Coots Don't Like the Wind (Tzanda)
Minotaur Shock - Motoring Britain (Melodic)
Rob Sakuma - Emblem G (Silver Screen)

Starting with Geoff Love the much loved coverer of many a soundtrack - he was responisble for a series of compilations throughout the 70's offering cheap versions of all your favourite Sci Fi, Action, Western and Suspense themes and is cherished amongst car boot and charity shop diggers alike. 'Six Million Dollar Man' is from the rarest of the series and I had to pay slightly over the odds for it - never thought I'd pay more than a quid for a Geoff Love record but it was for a desperate friend wanting to complete the series - just thought I'd get some use out of it first! Big up to funk master Belson as well for the record hook up!

Harry Nillson's 'Jump into the Fire' is a bass driven rock monster which I discovered through the film 'Goodfellas' - it's a classic example of my mindless digging whereby I found out the artist and song from a bit of research only to discover I had it in my record collection for about a year without realising it - duffus innit. Just wait for those drums, oh those drums...

Fat funk boy Baby Huey drops in next with 'Mighty Mighty' a rip roaring live affair that sounds as fresh today as the day it was recorded - course I can't confirm that for sure given I wasn't born when it was recorded but it's how the kids say frrresh all the same. 'English Sparrows' by Paul Parrish is a quirky string driven folk-funk thing - sounds awful on paper yes but it's bloody great - I spent a few quid getting this after hearing it via Manchester super digger and all round good bloke Andy Votel.

Then comes the indie jingly jangly stuff to get all the hip hoppers running scared - David Koresh tribute band the Polyphonic Spree come good with the happy clappy vibes on 'Hanging Around' a lovely summery track garunteed to put a smile even on this cynical old face. Pavement offshoot band Preston School of Industry and Lambchop follow suit with more gloopy indie pop goodness - 'Your Fucking Sunny Day' should by all accounts have got to number one in every country ever especially for the inclusion of such a rude word in such a great song.

I'm no Beach Boys fan by any stretch of the imagination and I haven't always been able to understand all the Brian Wilson worshipping but 'Feel Flows' is a pop-pyshce acid flashback thing of sheer genius. My favourite Beach Boys song by a country mile and that includes 'God Only Knows' too suckerducks. Typically I discovered this through a film 'Almost Famous' which I happen to think is bloody brilliant where most other folk think it's sugary shite. Their loss.

I saw Drive Like Jehu in the mid-nineties and they fucking rocked - couldn't hear for about a week after the gig which was a prerequisite of a good live act back then. Their lp 'Yank Crime' has become something of a slept on classic in recent years and I'd just like to take this oppurtunity to say I was there at the beginning as per usual! Seriously though the album sounds as noisy and urgent as anything being released now be it Mars Volta or whatever... Buy it.

Following the sonic assault of US hardcore and Queens of the Stone Age are Mogwai with'Tracy' - kind of ironic such a beautiful melancholic song is named after the classic Essex girl stereotype but what the fuck. It's the kind of song if I was pretentious enough I'd insist on at my funeral and everyone would be in tears (one would hope!) - unfortunately I'm gonna have to have Moog classic 'Popcorn' instead. Mogwai are fucking awesome on record and in concert - this can never be said enough.

Nottingham's finest up and coming electronical whizz kid Crane steps up next under the alias Zouch with 'The Coots Don't Like the Wind' - big thanks to Crane who not only blesses me with all his tracks to abuse and drop in inappropriate places but for also giving the Naga series plenty of props along the way. Check out for more info...

Lastly is a wee snippet for the sample spotters - the Japanese theme from Battle of the Planets as sampled by hip hop superhero King Geedorah aka MF Doom on 'The Fine Print'. You love it!

Okay if you want a copy on cd e-mail me your name and address to

Enjoy folks!


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