Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The third one...

Right, with alarming regularity I bring you the third installment of the Naga selection. It's still not quite as good as the first one but probably a bit less messy than the second one. The tracklist is as follows;


Richard Harris - The Hive (Stateside)
Os Mutantes - Bat Macumba (Universal)
The Silver Apples - You and I (Radioactive)
Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger and the Trinity - Indian Ropeman (Polydor)
Jimi Hendrix - Gotta Have It (Astan)
Muddy Waters - Tom Cat (Universal)
De La Soul ft. MF Doom - Rock Co. Cane Flow (Sanctuary)
Kool Keith and Motion Man - Ego '99 (Ground Level)
Raw Produce - Mister Dope America (Insomnia)
Sebi - Git down (Artifacts remix) (Gamm)
The Earlies - Wayward Song (WEA)
Pedro - This time last week (Melodic)
Theboylucas - There are great monsters going past (Output)
Tarwater - Noon (Kitty-Yo)
Six Organs of Admittance - Hollowed light severed sun (Holy Mountain)
Dorothy Ashby - Joyful grass and grape (Cadet)
Joanna Newsom - Sadie (Drag City)
Adem - Ringing in my ear (Domino)
Iron and Wine - Smokestack Lightning (BMI/Sub Pop)

And what better way to start than with a Richard Harris gem - 'The Hive'. It's a big Axelrodesque production - climatic strings and horns with gritty geetar funk - for best results ignore the dodgy lyrics altogether. From there I chose some spazzy psych-funk-rock numbers courtesy of Os Mutantes (a recently recommended South American psych rock band from the sixties and seventies - The Bees single 'Mienha Meina' (spelling?) is basically a cover of one of their songs), the moog dirge of the Silver Apples (banjos and moogs anyone? and yet it works) , the hammond funk classic that is 'Indian Rope Man' from London's very own Brian Auger, some obscure Jimi as sampled by the Beasties (very poor vinyl quality unfortunately) and into Muddy Waters filthy scratchity funk of 'Tom Cat'.

Next up some hip hop - the incredible new De La cut featuring MF Doom off the equally good 'Grind Date' lp (don't sleep on it...), a couple of gems from the indie hip hop golden era including the sooperb but slept on 'Mister Dope America' which has a great cut-up chorus (gets me everytime) before finishing off with the Sebi remix of the Artifacts 'Come on wid da get down' - I heard it a couple of months back and had to have it - basically the track is built around the same jazz samples used by DJ Vadim for the brilliant 'Next Shit' track which itself samples the Artifacts - confused - I was... I'm not entirely sure but I think the jazz track being sampled is 'Capricorn' possibly by Cannonball Adderley- I have it boxed away somewhere or other - need to dig it out to be sure.

From hip hop I then go for the lo-fi electronica - it's a bit of a jump but the best way to appreciate it is like a good old fashioned C90 whereby the first side is uptempo funk n' hip hop then you turn over for the electronica and folk...

The Earlies album is definitely one of my favorites of the year (but why no vinyl eh?) and the track Wayward Song does it for me almost solely for the nostalgic Noggin the Nog sounding introduction. I picked up the first Pedro ep on the wonderful Melodic label for 50p in a charity shop by chance having hunted high and low for it for a good year or so - I nearly shat myself when I found it in a British Heart Foundation charity shop in Croydon...

Theboylucas track is off the beautiful debut lp released on Output a couple of years back - it's all lush reversed guitars, quietly spoken lyrics and bleeps - why wasn't it massive?

I finish up with a mix n' match selection of oddball stuff including two songs from a loose collective of San Francisco based rising folk/pysch artists (including Six Organs..., Joanna Newsom, Devendra and the rest...) - Joanna Newsom's 'Sadie' is incredible - her voice is a bit of an acquired taste (I'm guessing a similar Marmite effect that Bjork's voice has, in that you either love it or hate it) but I think her album is stunning (released on the always dependable Drag City records) and she plays a mean harp as does Dorothy Ashby...

Adem's 'Homesongs' is another album of the year for me having charmed me with a slightly askew production and intimate vocals - I'm a sucker for the singer/songwriters. Which probably explains why Iron and Wine finish up the whole messy compilation with a live rendition of a track I've not been able to trace anywhere else - it's amazing - kinda pisses me off I was ill for the Iron and Wine/Sufjan Stevens tour a few months ago. Oh well maybe next time...

Enough rambling - if you want a copy send me your address to mr.naga@gmail.com

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

More feedback all the way from Macedonia

I've received a bit more positive feedback from the latest compilation -

"received this morning...Great stuff, certainly made my morning more musical. Been ages since I heard any godspeed too, so that one made my day. "
"u must have a great record collection" (*modestly* it's true)
"Cheers for the CD though...It's a cracker."
"here here went down very well with me and my friends this weekend, top stuff"

"Vol 1 going down nicely with croissants and coffee... cheers very much sir!" The Crane (him of Tzanda records as mentioned in the last post)

And all the way from Macedonia (hence the dodgy grammar) - a country I can barely spell let alone locate on a map...

"listening it right now. It's something I'm not used of it but that's why I like it a lot! thanx once again :)"
"I like! introduce me into the new sound :)"
"I'm listening the mix and it's really great! I'm not used of this kindof music. It's really really great." Biljana Ladytron

Not bad eh? Nice to think that all the out-there music I enjoy is making it's way into obscure Eastern Bloc (possibly?) countries ala Peel... Okay so not on the same scale but hey it's a start innit...

Right enough ego-stroking. Anyone else wants a copy of either e-mail me at mr.naga@gmail.com

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The second effort

I was a bit nervous about starting this compilation after the success of the last one. Over the course of the week I had pulled a stack of records together that I envisaged would make the final mix - unfortunately having had a practice run through on Sunday by the time I set out to record the mix on Monday I didn't want to listen to the same material all over again. When eventually I did get half way through my brother interrupted me with "Are you busy?" to which I replied "yes" before he proceeded to distract me enough to fuck up the recording half way through Sun Ra's pop ditty 'Nuclear War'... It's a motherfucker (don't you know?).

Scrapped that and started again feeling like the mix was doomed to failure. However I managed to finish it and despite my uncertainty about some of the jumps in tempo/genre I've had positive feedback from the tracklist at least. A couple of casualties though including Cannibal Ox and Sun Ra - maybe next time...

Mr Naga Selection 15/11/04

Godspeed you black emperor! - Lift your skinny fists, like antennas to heaven (Kranky)Deerhoof - Sound the alarm (Kill Rock Stars)
Deerhoof - The magnificent bird will rise (Kill Rock Stars)
Mice Parade - A dance by any other name (Fat Cat)
Wire - Mannequin (Emi)Television - See no evil (Warner)
Andy Votel - Schallerova (Twisted Nerve)
Khonnor - Megans present (Type)
Erk - Least scary (Tzanda)
Boards of Canada - Over the Horizon Radar (Warp)
Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra - Some velvet morning (Reprise)
Quasimoto - Astronaut (Antidote)
Viktor Vaughn - Raedawn (Sound Ink)
Dosh - Steve the cat (Anticon)
Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band - Electricity (Buddha)
Johnny Cash - Personal Jesus (American)
Papa M - Wedding Song No 3 (Drag City)
Jackie O Motherfucker - Something on your mind (Roadcone)
Yo La Tengo - Our way to fall (Matador)
Hrvatski - Gemini (revision) (Planet Mu)

It's pretty much a mash up of post-rock (whatever the fuck that is), post punk, lo-fi electronica (including the 17 year old wonderkid Khonnor - his 'Handwriting' lp on Type records is outstanding - a beautiful mish mash of electronics, geetar feedback and Malkamus style warblings), weird beard hip hop and indie oddness finishing in the sublime 'Gemini' by Hrvatski - if your of the opinion machines cannot make emotional music you have shit in your ears and need to listen to this track. Hmmm electricemo. Not sure about that one...

The mix also features a track by Erk off the wonderful Tzampler 2 compilation sent to me by the Crane - his record label Tzanda has had some serious teething troubles but deserves credit - there is some wonderful electronic music coming out of Nottingham by the sounds of things. Check out the website http://www.tzanda.net/ for contact details.

Erm that's about it - if you want a copy of this compilation or the last one contact me at mr.naga@gmail.com.


Wednesday, November 10, 2004

First time on radio...

I'm stoked - sent out a ton of cd's to folk from all over the world (including the US, Sweden, Macedonia) - I didn't expect too much from doing so but it was an outlet all the same.

Anyway a guy called Scrawl based in Glasgow was that impressed with the mix of tunes (see previous post) he played the majority of it on his radio show on www.subcity.org - the piss-take irony being I knew about it but couldn't listen because I was at college... Arrrggghhhh!

Still, I'm chuffed to pieces and managed to get some friends to listen - some feedback;

"Mr.Naga is a class act" - Scrawl

"The setlist for this show is always insanely good." - listener

"cool tunes :)) " - another listener

"really enjoying listening in....." And another.

Just so blown away. Got great feedback from my lecturer and Pete the US hardcore punk fella off my course - they're spreading the love to!

So if you want copy hit me up with an address at mr.naga@gmail.com

New mix coming soon folks.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

An introduction of sorts

This here Blog is to stand as a testament to my creative leanings (hmmm - nuffink like a bit of pretension to level the playing field early on...). It's gonna be a self absorbed hell of a thing I warn y'all now.

First off is the beginning of what I hope will be an on-going series of compilations I'm gonna throw together every fortnight or so depending on whether I can maintain some kind of effort/innerest. There's nothing to link the songs or artists on this first one but in future who knows - I may even attempt to do some mixing or something - don't hold your breath though. Besides I can't mix for shit...

Mr Naga Selection - 01/11/04

OOIOO - Oh Mani (Thrill Jockey)
The Fugs - Turn on, tune in, drop out (Reprise)
Blues Explosion - Fed up and low down (Mute)
Broadcast - Violent Playground (Warp)
Can - I'm so green (Grey Area)
Fun Boy Three - The lunatics have taken over the asylum (Chyrsalis)
A Hawk and a Hacksaw - Maremaillette (Leaf)
Animal Collective - Who could win a rabbit (Fat Cat)
The unicorns - I was born (a unicorn) (Alien 8 recordings)
Bangkok Huskies - Rocola supersound (Slick Nine)
Sage Francis - Narcissist (Anticon)
Big Jus - Plantation Rhymes (Subverse)
Diplo - Big Lost (Big Dada)
RJD2 - Making days longer (Def Jux)
Arovane - Cry Osaka Cry (City Centre Offices)
The Postal Service - The District sleeps alone tonight (Sub Pop)
Smog - Vessel in Vain (Domino)
James Yorkston and the Athletes - Shipwreckers (Domino)
Brother Danielson Famile - Brother:Son (Secretly Canadian)

Contact me at mr.naga@gmail.com for a copy if you want.

So basically I'll post every few days or so with some half-baked creative effort that you can all mock/steal/enjoy (delete as appropriate). I am currently working on a film, writing a book, making t-shirts and doing a course in Photoshop so there is a wealth of shit to delve into. Stay posted suckers - my name is Mr Naga - welcome...