Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Who'd have thought - number four!

Okay so we're up to number four now...

I have to say that this one is a response to the positive feedback of the last one and as such is a similar format in that it's pretty uptempo and sticks to the tried and tested funk into hiphop mash up for first forty-five minutes. Then it goes all acoustic/indie/folky/post rock for the ending. The next will be totally different again - don't wanna get too formulaic on your asses or nuffink ...

Some feedback for number three;

"werdemup, officially my fave naga selection thus far"

"your latest compilation is helping me get through today. some BOSS tunes on it."

"it is blooming awesome. i might have to track down some of the tunes on this compilation! Seriously nice."

"two thumbs fresh."

Here's the tracklisting for number four (14/12/04)

Loving Spoonful - Do you believe in magic (BMG)
Arnold Blair - Trying to get next to you (Curtom)
Brian Auger - Tiger (MFP)
Dionne Warwick - We can work it out (Pye)
Ennio Morricone - Iniziazone '72 (Cam)
Yesterdays Folks - 2069:A spaced oddity (Buddah)
Zoo - Mammmouth (Major Minor)
Martha Valez - Jive Elephant (Sire)
Porn Theatre Ushers - Me and him (Biscuithead)
MF Doom - Beef Rapp (Rhymesayers)
Company Flow - End to end burners (Rawkus)
DM and Jemini - The Only One (Lex)
DJ Vadim - The Next Shit (Ninja Tune)
Liam Lynch - Waxwings (Emi)
Nico - These Days (MGM)
Gangplank - I don't know where to begin (Fence)
The Memory Band - This is how we walk on the moon (Hungry Hill)
Micah P Hinson - The day Texas sank to the bottom of the sea (Sketchbook)Sufjan Stevens - For the widows in paradise, for the fatherless in Ypsilanti (Asthmatic Kitty)

Starting off with a pop classic from the 'Spoonful I defy you not to smile at the sheer heartwarming niceness of 'Do you believe in magic' - if you don't find yourself grinning you are an emotionally stunted retard. Okay?

Arnold Blair up next with a soul stormer - a mate got me hooked on this song when we went travelling for six months in 2000 around Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and Canada - in fact of the several tapes we took it's one of the few songs I can still stomach. Took me a fucking age to locate it on vinyl (costs one hundred plus on e-bay for the 7") and I ended up getting a dodgy 12" pressed in Carshalton of all places. Took me all these years to finally realize it's a fella singing as well!

More Brian Auger follows with a funking classic as sampled by RJD2 and then into a recent charity shop find Dionne Warwick's 'We can work it out' as recommended by two reputable forum ( diggers Belson and the one like Wrong Tom - much appreciated - its a beauty (and better still Belson ain't even got a copy and he is the funk/psyche oracle!)...

Gets a bit intense after that with an Italian library track by soundtrack supremo Ennio Morricone who will without doubt feature more in my compilations in future as he is frankly a genius. I had the pleasure of seeing him live this year and it was an awesome experience (and 'ecstasy of Gold' got played twice!).

Then we have (I promise not to write about every track - just seems to be a lot of personal history for the songs so far!) the pysche rock of the Mexican band Yesterdays Folks - the lp it features on has been my number one record to get for about three years and just as I closed in on a copy for myself it got repressed - not sure if that's a good thing or not but I saved myself twenty notes so mustn't grumble... 'Mammouth' up next with a track I remember playing fairly regularly during my year long residency at a bar in Brighton (gayest boast ever!) - a jazz/funk monster that refuses to finish - I think the group Zoo have tenuous Fleetwood Mac ties but fuck it - the song rocks like a bastard.

As does the Martha Valez track 'Jive elephant' as plundered by the cheeky Porn Theatre Ushers and I've just realized the piss-take Welsh hiphoppers also sampled it for their 'Guns don't kill people...' track.

Then I go hiphop for a wee bit and you get the incredible Porn Theatre Ushers 'Me and Him' (original pressing I may add - another shit boast!) which always goes down well at any party. A new banger from MF Doom - despite his prolific output he still outshines all the other hip hop at the moment. Doesn't do any harm I'm a sucker for cartoon theme sampling hip hop (is it Spiderman or the Hulk?).

Company Flow - nuff said.

A bit of a wind down with Vadim's 'Next Shit' and then into the odd stuff. The Liam Lynch song confuses the fuck out of me - a mate stuck it on a compilation a while back and I was convinced it must be by some seventies artist - but apparently it's the same fella that did the one minute MTV punk tune 'United States of Whatever' - I'm still not entirely sure what the story is but the song is great.

Nico - These days. I'll be honest I'm not sure I ever do this song much justice when I squeeze it onto a compilation but it's so wonderful I was gonna end up sticking it on one of these eventually...

I had the pleasure of seeing The Memory Band live about a fortnight ago and they were a delight to witness - traditional folk but without the twee stuff - the album has more of an edge in terms of production, featuring some of Fridge and Adem. Well recommended and lovely people as well.

Micah P Hinson and Sufjan Stevens are both responsible for two potential albums of the year - that said I included a Sufjan Stevens track from his previous album dedicated to Michigan which is a fragile beauty and one of fifty odd proposed lp's he is supposedly writing for each US state - 'Seven Swans' would suggest he's a bit bored of that idea already!

I'm thinking of having a week off for Christmas and I want to do a bit more mixing on the next effort (sometime early January...) so there may be about a month till number five.

If you want any of the compilations send me your address to Cheers and merry Christmas!


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