Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The second effort

I was a bit nervous about starting this compilation after the success of the last one. Over the course of the week I had pulled a stack of records together that I envisaged would make the final mix - unfortunately having had a practice run through on Sunday by the time I set out to record the mix on Monday I didn't want to listen to the same material all over again. When eventually I did get half way through my brother interrupted me with "Are you busy?" to which I replied "yes" before he proceeded to distract me enough to fuck up the recording half way through Sun Ra's pop ditty 'Nuclear War'... It's a motherfucker (don't you know?).

Scrapped that and started again feeling like the mix was doomed to failure. However I managed to finish it and despite my uncertainty about some of the jumps in tempo/genre I've had positive feedback from the tracklist at least. A couple of casualties though including Cannibal Ox and Sun Ra - maybe next time...

Mr Naga Selection 15/11/04

Godspeed you black emperor! - Lift your skinny fists, like antennas to heaven (Kranky)Deerhoof - Sound the alarm (Kill Rock Stars)
Deerhoof - The magnificent bird will rise (Kill Rock Stars)
Mice Parade - A dance by any other name (Fat Cat)
Wire - Mannequin (Emi)Television - See no evil (Warner)
Andy Votel - Schallerova (Twisted Nerve)
Khonnor - Megans present (Type)
Erk - Least scary (Tzanda)
Boards of Canada - Over the Horizon Radar (Warp)
Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra - Some velvet morning (Reprise)
Quasimoto - Astronaut (Antidote)
Viktor Vaughn - Raedawn (Sound Ink)
Dosh - Steve the cat (Anticon)
Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band - Electricity (Buddha)
Johnny Cash - Personal Jesus (American)
Papa M - Wedding Song No 3 (Drag City)
Jackie O Motherfucker - Something on your mind (Roadcone)
Yo La Tengo - Our way to fall (Matador)
Hrvatski - Gemini (revision) (Planet Mu)

It's pretty much a mash up of post-rock (whatever the fuck that is), post punk, lo-fi electronica (including the 17 year old wonderkid Khonnor - his 'Handwriting' lp on Type records is outstanding - a beautiful mish mash of electronics, geetar feedback and Malkamus style warblings), weird beard hip hop and indie oddness finishing in the sublime 'Gemini' by Hrvatski - if your of the opinion machines cannot make emotional music you have shit in your ears and need to listen to this track. Hmmm electricemo. Not sure about that one...

The mix also features a track by Erk off the wonderful Tzampler 2 compilation sent to me by the Crane - his record label Tzanda has had some serious teething troubles but deserves credit - there is some wonderful electronic music coming out of Nottingham by the sounds of things. Check out the website for contact details.

Erm that's about it - if you want a copy of this compilation or the last one contact me at



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