Tuesday, November 23, 2004

More feedback all the way from Macedonia

I've received a bit more positive feedback from the latest compilation -

"received this morning...Great stuff, certainly made my morning more musical. Been ages since I heard any godspeed too, so that one made my day. "
"u must have a great record collection" (*modestly* it's true)
"Cheers for the CD though...It's a cracker."
"here here went down very well with me and my friends this weekend, top stuff"

"Vol 1 going down nicely with croissants and coffee... cheers very much sir!" The Crane (him of Tzanda records as mentioned in the last post)

And all the way from Macedonia (hence the dodgy grammar) - a country I can barely spell let alone locate on a map...

"listening it right now. It's something I'm not used of it but that's why I like it a lot! thanx once again :)"
"I like! introduce me into the new sound :)"
"I'm listening the mix and it's really great! I'm not used of this kindof music. It's really really great." Biljana Ladytron

Not bad eh? Nice to think that all the out-there music I enjoy is making it's way into obscure Eastern Bloc (possibly?) countries ala Peel... Okay so not on the same scale but hey it's a start innit...

Right enough ego-stroking. Anyone else wants a copy of either e-mail me at mr.naga@gmail.com


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