Wednesday, November 10, 2004

First time on radio...

I'm stoked - sent out a ton of cd's to folk from all over the world (including the US, Sweden, Macedonia) - I didn't expect too much from doing so but it was an outlet all the same.

Anyway a guy called Scrawl based in Glasgow was that impressed with the mix of tunes (see previous post) he played the majority of it on his radio show on - the piss-take irony being I knew about it but couldn't listen because I was at college... Arrrggghhhh!

Still, I'm chuffed to pieces and managed to get some friends to listen - some feedback;

"Mr.Naga is a class act" - Scrawl

"The setlist for this show is always insanely good." - listener

"cool tunes :)) " - another listener

"really enjoying listening in....." And another.

Just so blown away. Got great feedback from my lecturer and Pete the US hardcore punk fella off my course - they're spreading the love to!

So if you want copy hit me up with an address at

New mix coming soon folks.


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